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Useful Links

This is the main page of the Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund (HEEPF).

Toastmasters Club

EDAPSE group, this is a yahoo group created by the attendees of the EDAPSE course, to discuss subjects and share resources related to technical writing and presentation skills.

Links to other sites related to presentation skills and data analysis

This is a very good site talking about presentation skills, it offers a number of free online courses about presentation skills and public speaking.

This another site talking about presentation skills and communication skills

A site with some good links about presentation skills and technical writing.

A web page talking about the presentation skills and how to develop it.

A site offering courses about presentation skills

Another site about presentation skills

Online textbook offering a guide to writing technical documentation.

STC is an individual membership organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication.

An online book about technical writing

A short course on writing technical reports