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   Welcome to EDAPSE Web Site!

Engineers use more than 60 % of their time in technical communication while the curricula in engineering schools have very little content on the subject. Thus, graduates of such institutions and schools cannot write proper technical reports or make reasonable technical presentations.

  Professor Ali Elbahrawy Visited Canada

Professor Ali El-Bahrawy returned on 25th of May after a two-week trip to Canada.  He met Professors from McMaster University  and University of British Columbia to discuss technical writing curricula in  Canadian universities. He met with Toastmasters members and attended workshops in Hamilton and Vancouver.  He also bought some very good books about technical writing and self development..

  A Toastmaster Club at the Faculty of Engineering

A new club will be founded with members from the Faculty staff, students and graduated engineers.

  A new teaching assisant has joined the team. Welcome to Mohammed Awida

A new teaching assistant has joined the team of EDAPSE. His name is Mohammed Awida, who recieved his BSc from Ain Shams university, he together with Eng. Adel will be responsible of the update and maintenance of EDAPSE website