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  Management Team

  Implementation Team


  Conducted Courses

  ToastMasters Club




  • Improving existing Technical Report Writing Course, third year Irrigation
  • Introducing new course for Technical Communication, fourth year Civil
  • Training programs for
    • Undergraduates (presentation skills, computer applications) (70 students)
    • Teaching Assistants (presentation skills, technical writing) (60 engineers)
    • Professional engineers (technical writing, computer applications) (350 engineers)
    • Graduating students (project report writing, presentation skills) (45 students)
  • Trip to Canada
    • Visiting McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, and University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Meeting staff and discussing contents of relevant courses
    • Attending and participating in Toastmasters workshops
    • Buying books from university libraries and bookstores
  • Books for Faculty Library
    • from Canada on: punctuation, reading skills, technology in teaching, self improvement, public speaking, style, grammar, time management, business communication, etc.
    • from local market on: Office 2003 (introduction and advanced), Show Me series on Word, FrontPage, PowerPoint, Project, Access 2003, etc.
  • Hardware for Technical Writing Lab
    • laptop, video camera, data show, video machine, photocopier, LCD screen
  • Project Website (
    • informing about new courses
    • making course material available
  • Project Yahoo Group (edapse_asu)
    • discussing course contents
    • exchanging ideas
    • introducing new relevant resources