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Our Vision


 Engineers use more than 60 % of their time in technical communication while the curricula in engineering schools have very little content on the subject. Thus, graduates of such institutions and schools cannot write proper technical reports or make reasonable technical presentations.

Project Achievements

New courses were added to the current curricula. These courses will help students to properly analyze and present data graphically, in addition to give an oral presentation using up-to-date audio-visual facilities. The latter skills are necessary for professional technical reports,  scientific papers, desserations. or formal presentations.

 The project will enhance the existing computer labs with audio-visual equipment (video camera, monitor, data show) to facilitate the job of both the instructor and students. These equipments will help in recording and displaying studentsí activities for feedback and evaluation purposes.

 A guest lecturer was invited during the course of the project to give several lectures to expose the students to the experience of professional engineers, and evaluate the existing efforts to enhance the presentation skills.

 The project established a newToastmasters Club in Cairo, with programs to improve the communication skills by creating a different environment than a classroom.

 Also, the available library material for both students and instructors is very poor. The project upgraded the existing library material in terms of books, software and training material.